Chemineau Labs, the link between your needs and the solution

100 customers, 15 500 sqm pharmaceutical plant, 70Mu manufactured each year (ENT, topical), 350 products, turnover 60M€ doubled during last ten year.
  • René Chemineau, a researcher at the Pasteur Institute, moved to Vouvray. He manufactures, from 1921, in premises adjacent to the pharmacy (which dates from 1848), the "Gargyl" mouthwash based on Coca leaf extract. In 1930, 2 million bottles are produced each year and sold in France, Belgium, Algeria and Africa. In 1945, sulfacetamide (acquired stocks of the U.S. Army) is added to the "Gargyl". In the following year, the extract of coca leaf is removed from the formula.

  • Creation of Laboratoires Chemineau SA.

    old logo Chemineau

  • Production of the first pressurized sore throat collutory in France, "Gargyl" and beginnings of contract manufacturing.

    Gargyl Chemineau

  • Inauguration of the production unit in Vouvray, 4 000 sq meters

    Vouvray production unit Chemineau

  • Opening of an R&D department, and ISO 9001 certification.

    Bernard Chemineau
    (Bernard Chemineau, René's son)

  • Several extensions of the production unit to 15 000 sq meters.

    Chemineau building 1996

  • Warehouse (20m high) with 10 000 pallets places.

    Chemineau Warehouse

  • Chemineau gets a new logo, and a brand new website.

    new logo chemineau



Chemineau wants to become the Worldwide reference CDMO, recognized expert in Ear, Nose Throat and Topical forms.

Core Values

Customer satisfaction is a state of mind at Chemineau Labs,
Development of our people is key to work in a good atmosphere,
Management policy is the way to efficiency and transparency,
Openness of mind, whatever your project, Chemineau Labs will study it.

Chemineau employee