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Chemineau Labs is focused on liquid to pasty formulations, able to develop, manufacture and fill any of these formulations in a variety of packaging, under any applicable regulation:
8 Semi-solids mixers (up to 3tons), 9 liquids tanks (up to 10t), 4 scale up mixers.
6 aerosols filling lines, 8 bottles filling lines, 8 tubes filling lines, 5 dosing systems and jars filling lines.

Core activity and know-how

Chemineau Labs teams share their expertise with you during the various life cycles of your project : Contract development, scale-up transfer, purchasing, production, regulatory affairs...

Formulation types

From liquids to ointment, whatever the viscosity and rheology of your formulations, Chemineau Labs is equipped to manufacture your product : Liquids, aerosols, semi-solids (lotions, creams, gels, emulsified gels, ointments).

Technologies provided

From standard to innovative packaging, whatever the device capacity, Chemineau Labs is able to fill your product : Jars, tubes, bottles, continuous or dosing sprays, bag-on-valve, airless systems, from 2ml to 500ml.


From Ethical to veterinary regulation, through cosmetics, medical devices, generics or OTC, whatever your Country, Chemineau Labs can support you on the required regulatory level. European GMP, ANVISA certified, ISO 13485.

Chemineau bottles



Chemineau Labs R&D, following the market trends, develops and registers its own dossiers to proactively answer to customers who wish to extend quickly their range of products.
Therapeutic areas: traumatology, local analgesics, nasal hygiene and protection, toothpastes, heavy legs gels...
Active ingredients: ibuprofen, diclofenac, chlorhexidine gluconate, lidocaine hydrochloride, sea water, cranberry, vitis vinifera extracts...

Sourcing innovations worldwide

Chemineau Labs, by developing strategic partnerships with main raw material and packaging suppliers around the world, is able to provide to its customers any innovation in the market, and to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding ones.

Regulatory experts

Chemineau Labs, aiming to the highest level of quality, is regularly audited by authorities and customers, and is able to support you in launching any product on the European pharmaceutical market.

Chemineau employee



Chemineau Labs is looking for opportunities to stay the most innovative CDMO in its field of activity, and to be the “first to fill”!
Would you be a packaging supplier, looking for filling partners to test your innovative designs, or a CRO, looking for manufacturers to produce your new drug, Chemineau Labs is open to study any partnership.
Just call us!

Business development

Chemineau Labs has a strong strategy to maintain its last five years growth. Any opportunity of worldwide business development, whatever the business model, is studied at Chemineau Labs.
Don’t hesitate to contact us with “out of the box” ideas!


Each of Chemineau Labs people is eager to learn to develop his state of the art expertise, as well as innovation from any side it comes in his field of activity.
Please challenge your ideas with us!